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20 Feb 2019
MOTOVARIO: A new Planning & Scheduling software to boost service level How to increase on-time delivery in a few months

Daniela Taglioretti

Motovario is a leading Italian ompany which manufactures gear reducers, motovariators and electric motors; it was founded in 1965 in Formigine, a small town near Modena. Over the years it has become an international company with subsidiaries all over the world. Its focus on innovation makes it a leader in the design, production and distribution of geared units and elements for power transmission, suitable for all industrial and civil applications.

The Italian plant is fully automated and the company can count on 50 certified assembly centers, as well as on more than 150 distributors worldwide. In recent years and in line with its growth strategy, the company has taken over Pujol, a long-established Spanish manufacturer of geared units.
Motovario is part of the TECO Electric & Machinery Co group, a worldwide leader in industrial motor production. Accordingly to the corporate philosophy Motovario promotes its brand and products on an international scale with determination and transparency, while constantly striving to offer innovative solutions for satisfying and anticipating the demands of the market.



Motovario requirements

Due to the extremely high number of possible product configurations, Motovario was facing difficullties in the planning and scheduling process. It was partly carried out using SAP R/3 ERP system and partly using spreadsheets, resulting in a time-consuming and ineffective process.

Marco Sola, IT Manager, explains the situation:

“Production planning was extremely burdensome because we were lacking the adequate and flexible tools to perform simulations and deliver a feasible plan”. “Therefore in 2017, after a thorough software selection, we chose to implement COMPASS10 by Plannet.
“The main goals we were expecting to achieve using the new advanced planning software can be summarized as follows:

  • reduce customer order lead time (from its receipt to final delivery to the customer) and improve on-time delivery rate;
  • increase flexibility and timeliness of response as a reaction to unexpected internal or external events, such as variations on the supply side or resource downtime or reduced availability;
  • reduce the lead time to confirm the promise date to customers;
  • automatically create the daily schedule for each production resource;
  • improve information “quality” on deliveries both within and outside the company.



Implementing COMPASS10

“Motovario planning process is mainly based on a MTO (Make To Order) approach. The new software COMPASS10, integrated with the ERP system SAP R/3, receives released orders of all BoM levels, as well as the planned ones generated by the MRP process. We have defined all the relevant finite capacity constraints, mainly referring to resource capacity and material availability.

The planning staff releases production schedules on a daily basis, and the expected delivery dates of customer orders are automatically returned to SAP, to be analysed by the customer service.” continues Sola, very pleased with the new system.

“Powerful bottleneck and full-pegging dynamic analysis tools support the planner to easily pinpoint critical issues or resources responsible for lateness and to simulate corrective actions to remove such bottlenecks (overtime hours, expediting, make-or-buy, ….).


Benefits achieved

“COMPASS10 implementation has made our planning process more streamlined, focused and comprehensive. The mid- to long-term period analyses provide full visibility of the production scenario and promised deliveries.” explains Marco Sola.
“We can have immediate evidence of the potential effects caused by unexpected variations in the market mix or in production capacity .
The evolution of our planning process induced by COMPASS10 resulted in an immediate reduction of lead times and an improvement of on-time delivery rate by moe than 10%.” concludes Marco Sola.






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