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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

20 Apr 2018
How to Create a Cost-Effective Supply Chain that Delights Your Customers

Claire Walters
Unipart Group

Our supply chain systems provide end-to-end visibility, helping businesses to assess the cost-effectiveness of their operations and optimise supply chain performance in line with customer expectations.


how to create a cost-effective supply chain that delights your customers


A competitive advantage is everything in today’s business, and a world-class supply chain can deliver this. Information leads to intelligence. In particular, the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of information is critical in global commerce. Unipart Logistics’ Intelligent Supply Chain combines the best people with the best available and emerging technologies.

Here are a number of examples of how we are working with our customers to provide them with the competitive advantage above others.

1. Pushing the boundaries on last orders

Conducting analysis of the processes within our warehouses, we identified the opportunity to push back last order cut-off time for one of our customers to midnight allowing a longer window for their consumers to order and still get their products the next day

2. New ‘must-have’ technology product introductions

We regularly manage new product introductions for our technology clients, making sure the latest device is in as many customer hands as possible early on launch day.

3. Agility to respond to customer demands

For a large retailer we designed, simulated and implemented a solution on three days' notice to distribute a new product and solve a significant supply chain issue. This meant an additional 350k cases per week—a 25% uplift of volume during their peak.

4. Quality in our processes

The Unipart Way enables us to engage every one of our people every day in thinking about how we can improve service to your customers. By implementing a batch pick process we improved availability by 3% and reduced the lead time for delivery of product by 77%.

5. Customisation

So that end customers of technology products have the very latest software and applications, we update the software on products ‘just-in-time’—as they are going out of the door. We also customise orders dependent on their destination including product wraps, leaflets, and voucher codes.


Optimising supply chain operations, the Unipart Way

At Unipart Logistics we understand that many businesses are challenged with raising their service levels to meet customer expectations. Through a holistic approach integrating processes, people, and systems, we enable our customers to optimise their supply chains.

From improving delivery options and increasing agility to implementing consistent improvements to service quality, we deliver cost-effective supply chain solutions to our customers that elevate their service levels and offer the maximum value to the consumer—at every touchpoint.

Is a new technology product launch raising distribution challenges? Could a later cut-off time improve your customer service? See how the Unipart way could improve your supply chain—and delight your customers.


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