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A Perfect Storm Exposes UK Retailers & Brands

High Street retailers and brands face significant headwinds in 2021 considering extended lockdowns, Brexit, demand uncertainties and rising shipping costs. Operational resilience and agility are essential to survive in the near term and grow long term. But “best-practices” of years past tied to efficiency have proven short-sighted; particularly outsourcing of key responsibilities to suppliers, 3rd party logistics providers, overseas agents and banks.

The challenges of the last 12 months have been a wake up call. As McKinsey states:

“Shocks inevitably seem to exploit the weak spots within broader value chains and specific companies. An organisation’s supply chain operations can be a source of vulnerability or resilience, depending on its effectiveness in m

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07 Apr 2021
What Is the Role of Automation in the Modern Supply Chain?

The modern supply chain is all about speed. Supply chain managers are looking to jump on the latest trends to get a leg-up in the race for elite optimization. With such an array of technology and software available, all of which claim to be the key to resilience and efficiency, how does one determin

Martin Pahulje
06 Apr 2021
Why change is essential during a supply chain digital transformation

Global change, business evolution, technology disruption, digital transformation – all terms with which we have become very familiar. We thought we fully understood the implications of these terms prior to Covid-19. However, now we understand them at entirely new levels as most of what we know

Anne Robinson
06 Apr 2021
Can the Cloud Really Improve Logistics Flexibility?

A flexible supply chain logistics management system should be efficient and contain end-to-end visibility. Supply chains are ever-changing and combating disruptions, so logistics flexibility is crucial to overcoming challenges quickly and at low cost. While organizations recognize this, many still s

Martin Pahulje
31 Mar 2021
The Integrated S&OP and S&OE Process

What's the difference? Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) is the process where all business planning comes together. This process includes customer service, sales, marketing, development, manufacturing, sourcing, and financial planning, melded together into an integrated set of tactical

Robin Hornung
31 Mar 2021
3 questions manufacturers should address for digital transformation success

Last week, Phil Lewis, Infor VP Solution Consulting EMEA, spoke at the virtual Future Factories Summit MENA and offered key insights on how manufacturers can successfully digitally transform, and help propel the sector to new heights. According to Phil, manufacturers should take a step back and ask

Mark Humphlett

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Last update 5 May 2021
Manufacturing PMI at near-record high in April but sector still beset by supply-chain disruptions
   Source: Markit /CIPS UK Manufacturing PMI   -  IHS Markit
United Kingdom 

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Maximum safety and reliability and reducing the costs for our customers at the same time: we are able to offer the chemical industry an extensive range of chemical logistics services that hardly any other logistics specialist can match. It is our goal to harmonise our services with your specifications in s...

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Reinventing Healthcare Supply Chains For The Digital Age

With an increasing number of risks associated with the supply chain management for the health industry,  it is more important than ever that leaders take an integrated, data-driven approach. In 2017, an estimated...


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MADEL: Roadmap to Industry 4.0: Planning & Scheduling in the personal & home care industry

Established in 1977 Madel Spa, is a leading Italian manufacturing company specialized in products for home & personal care. Madel’s mission is the capability to create high-quality and environmentally sustai...

The Digital Transformation Directive: Practical Approaches To Tackling Disruptive Technologies At The C-Suite

This report provides C-level supply chain executives and their key transformation leaders with tools and frameworks to develop a roadmap and establish a directive for digital transformation.  ...