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Is 2021 the year when digital twinning comes to the fore?

The Covid-19 pandemic is making everyone look at the world a little differently. Individuals and businesses alike are reassessing what they do and how they do it, finding new solutions to problems that they hadn’t even considered a year ago and taking a lot less for granted. However, the pandemic isn’t just changing the ‘now’, it’s also changing the future, as we realise there are silver linings to be taken from the adaptations forced upon us in 2020 and the innovations it has led us to rapidly create and introduce.

Digital twinning has been a buzzword in industry for some time, but many experts are predicting 2021 will be the year when it finally comes to the fore.

Digital twinning is the mapping of a physical asset to a digital platform. Digital representations of physical tools, machines and products have seldom been more important, with lockdowns limiting opportunities for people to travel, work with others or manage r

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16 Apr 2021
How Supply Chain Planning Impacts Business Agility

As disruptions continue to impact companies worldwide, business innovation has taken on a new urgency, placing supply chain planning at the forefront of the response. From trade wars to Covid-19, then a freighter stuck in the Suez Canal, businesses are working overtime to keep pace and find new chan

14 Apr 2021
Supplier Shortages and Supply Chain Resiliency

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains across the globe are suffering shortages. As a result of health and safety concerns, businesses have had to completely change how they operate, adapting to remote work and financial hardships for customers and team members alike. This ha

Martin Pahulje
13 Apr 2021
How to orchestrate your S&OP: Move from cacophony to harmony

There is much I have learned as a business professional from being a musician. I started playing the flute when I was ten, was performing with a professional orchestra as a teenager and completed a bachelor’s degree in Music. One of the most famous pieces of music is “Ode to Joy” f

Channa North-Hoffstaed
13 Apr 2021
The impact of asset performance on food safety

Asset performance is key for food and beverage processors to reliably produce safe food at the lowest cost. This goes beyond only having the equipment available. Asset performance is one of three variables used to calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)—the other two variables are

08 Apr 2021
Half of consumers say their spending habits have changed permanently due to the pandemic, according to a new AlixPartners report

A new report released today by AlixPartners, the global consulting firm, finds that one in two consumers around the globe has had their consumption habits permanently changed due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic—which is just one of the findings from the firm’s ongoing, empiricall

David Garfield

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UK Manufacturing PMI at decade high as growth of output, new orders and employment gather pace
   Source: Markit /CIPS UK Manufacturing PMI   -  IHS Markit
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Maximum safety and reliability and reducing the costs for our customers at the same time: we are able to offer the chemical industry an extensive range of chemical logistics services that hardly any other logistics specialist can match. It is our goal to harmonise our services with your specifications in s...

Digital Twinning: Helping Supply Chains Build Resilience

The emergence of Digital Twinning has opened up the ground-breaking capabilities to plan, track and analyse scenarios in the digital world in advance of incorporating them into supply chains.   What Is Digital Tw...

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Italpizza: Supply Chain digital transformation for the Italian leader in frozen pizza Italpizza

Company Italpizza was founded in 1991 in Castello di Serravalle, a small town over the “colli”, the hills surrounding Bologna, where in a few years has become the Italian leading company specialized in the...

The Future of Procurement: Executive Overview

What do you think the future holds for procurement? And do you think your predictions line up with those of your peers?You can find out by downloading this overview of a recent Oxford Economics global survey involving mo...