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How to Create a Cost-Effective Supply Chain that Delights Your Customers

Our supply chain systems provide end-to-end visibility, helping businesses to assess the cost-effectiveness of their operations and optimise supply chain performance in line with customer expectations.



A competitive advantage is everything in today’s business, and a world-class supply chain can deliver this. Information leads to intelligence. In particular, the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of information is critical in global commerce. Unipart Logistics’ Intelligent Supply Chain combines the best people with the best available and emerging technologies.

Here are a number of examples of how we are working with our customers to provide them with the competitive advantage above others.

1. Pushing the boundaries on last orders

Conducting analysis of the processes within our warehouses, we identified the oppo

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16 Oct 2020
The need for rapid transformation raises the bar for supply chain

During his Big Ideas in Supply Chain webinar, former supply chain leader and now consultant, Dirk Lembregts described the immediate response to Covid-19 as “five years worth of change [that] happened in five weeks.” Nearly everywhere there were stories of people and organizations coll

Patrick Van Hull

16 Oct 2020
Key Challenges in Forecasting Logistics Demand

When it comes to securing capacity for outbound shipments of goods, manufacturers are in somewhat of a bind. The market has become increasingly carrier-friendly, which means that it’s more common than ever for transportation planners to struggle when trying to find the right carrier at the rig

Brian Hoey

15 Oct 2020
Establishing innovative warehousing processes to improve fulfillment

Evolving business models and e-commerce have accelerated in ways most companies haven’t anticipated and are now looking to implement processes to keep up with consumer needs. With this acceleration in mind, supply chains must quickly adjust to new fulfillment models to customer demands. Thi


14 Oct 2020
How to improve supply chain transparency in food and beverage manufacturing

With so many moving parts, supply chains can be complex to manage and fragile to maintain. Introduce a pandemic or other systemic disruption, it can be difficult just to keep your own plant going. And how about your suppliers? Do you know if their plants are running without disruption and as safely


14 Oct 2020
5 Reasons to Move Your SCM to the Cloud

In a poll a couple of years ago, 2/3rds of manufacturing enterprises reported using some type of cloud-based software. Projections show that the rate of adoption is only going to increase, with as many as half of all industrial software deployments being cloud-based by 2023. Manufacturing isn’

Brian Hoey

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Last update 5 Oct 2020
UK manufacturing recovery continues in September as output and new orders rise again
   Source: Markit /CIPS UK Manufacturing PMI   -  IHS Markit
United Kingdom 


The retail sector is always on the move. Whether this involves shopping centres, shops in inner city locations or at airports – trends change very quickly and the goods change just as rapidly too. To keep up with these developments, highly complex and process driven supply chains are needed. With our...

5 Myths About Shipping and Freight Forwarding in 2020

This year more than ever, the global logistics chain has had to fly by the seat of its pants. Constant disruptions and global uncertainty have led most businesses to reconsider their fundamental assumptions about the ...

Introduction to Purchasing and Procurement
Supply Chain Strategy and Leadership

Protective Wear Supplies safeguards product availability with Slimstock

Since 1975, Protective Wear Supplies has specialised in personal protective equipment, corporate workwear and cleaning solutions. To stay ahead in the fiercely competitive PPE market, PWS has embarked upon a major sup...

EU businesses say goodbye to UK suppliers as Brexit bites into key relationships

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of EU businesses expect to move their supply chain out of the UK Two-fifths (40%) of UK businesses are looking to replace their EU suppliers 25% of large UK businesses* have spe...