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 22    October


Duration: 1 day

This interactive one-day training course considers fundamental elements of the procurement process together with basic tools and techniques used within procurement and supply. It provides an excellent grounding in procurement basics and is designed for those in a junior procurement/supply chain role or those new to the discipline.
By the end of this course you

 28    October


Duration: 1 day

This workshop will provide you with a good understanding of the best practice principles used in purchasing and procurement.

You will learn about developing and agreeing specifications for goods or services, engaging stakeholders as you do so. You will explore a variety of tools used in supplier selection and develop an understanding of the basics of negotiations. You will look at how suppliers are managed and reviewed to ensure high performance and continuous improvement.

  3     November


Duration: 1 day

There is an increasing awareness of the sustainability impacts of the products and services that we buy, particularly in light of high-profile issues such as climate change, the Modern Slavery Act, poor waste management and, most recently, Covid-19.  There is also a growing realisation of both the risks and potential opportunities associated with a better understanding of the sustainability impacts of supply chains and a desire to have a greater knowledge to influence the procurement outcomes.

  2     December


Duration: 2 days

Through this workshop, you will examine the role of supply chain in business strategy. The supply chain is a crucial component of almost every organisation, ensuring that goods and services are delivered on time and at the right quality and cost. Leaders in the Supply Chain function, and those who work closely wth them, need to have a strategic view of how their work contributes to overall success for their customers. Is supply chain simply a cost of doing business or does it have a greater part to play? Well known org

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Last update 5 Oct 2020
UK manufacturing recovery continues in September as output and new orders rise again
   Source: Markit /CIPS UK Manufacturing PMI ®  -  IHS Markit
United Kingdom 

Energy & Utilities

With increasing regulation & customer service expectations, utilities companies are redirecting their focus to improve end-to-end supply chain performance. As part of our drive to improve asset utilisation and up-time, Unipart Logistics has been at the forefront facilitating companies improved bus...

Blue Yonder Research Reveals Dramatic Shift in Shoppers’ Behavior Since COVID-19

Research highlights how changing online and in-store shopping habits will shape retail supply chains in the future New research from Blue Yonder highlights how shopping behavior has changed globally since the COVID-19...

Sustainable procurement

Gai: Finite capacity scheduling and planning for the machinery industry

GAI S.p.a. was founded in 1946 in Pinerolo (TO) by Giacomo Gai and his wife Elsa. In 1959 the company moved to Trofarello (TO) and since 1972 has been lead by Giacomo’s sons: Battista and Carlo, helped by their ...

Building the Brand of Procurement and Supply

Forward-thinking players are setting their sights on advancing the future of procurement with active value management. But there’s a long way to go to become an essential part of the enterprise performance conversa...