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CPO Rising: Convergence



Within enterprises today, business processes and functions are converging around value and shared interests. Likewise, business partners are converging along supply chains, too. According to Ardent Partners, this convergence is very evident in the role of the chief procurement officer. Executives are coming to view the CPO like a smart phone or Swiss Army knife: a multi-functional device (or leader) that can adeptly support many key activities: business leader, sourcing expert, trusted advisor, relationship manager, supply manager, cash manager, risk manager, and the list goes on.

So how will this impact your job, and the world of procurement today? Read this report to find out.

Ardent Partners’ findings, drawn from the perspectives of 273 CPOs and other procurement executives, are presented in four chapters:
- The State of the CPO
- The State of Procurement
- Procurement Performance
- Strategies for Success

Inside, you’ll find benchmarks, analysis, and recommendations you can use to better understand the state of procurement today, gain insight into best practices, benchmark your performance against the best-in-class, and ultimately improve your operations and performance in the convergence era.


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