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The Rewards of Best-in-Class Risk Management



It’s been several years since a high-profile supply chain disruption rocked your world, hasn’t it?

Even so, it’s not a question of if you’ll face unsettling disruptions again, but when.

As this new report points out, exposure to supply risk is silently rising. Product life cycles continue to shrink, giving your business a smaller window to drive sales and profits. And new efficiencies in global shipping and logistics have reduced excess capacity, placing real constraints on your ability to make any short-term supply or shipping changes.

So, not everyone is feeling complacent. Indeed, best-in-class procurement organizations are 50 percent more likely to view the need to reduce supply risk as a top business pressure right now. This is leading them to take control over supply chain risk management processes and derive significant rewards, including…
- higher rates of savings
- improved compliance
- an ability to competitively source significantly higher volumes than their competition

Find out how they’re doing it. Download your copy today.


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