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Doing Business the Data-driven Way



Social tools have surfaced in the enterprise and are changing the very fabric of business and engagement. Meanwhile, firms have stockpiled huge stores of historical transaction data. Married to the ocean of information contained in all of our calls, tweets, clicks, and texts, this can create powerful insight to the past, the present moment, and the future—and competitive advantage for companies that unlock it.

Indeed, McKinsey research shows data-driven businesses outperform their peers by a wide margin across every category. But big data means a lot of things to a lot people. And that’s created a fair amount of fear, uncertainty, and doubt among those charged with managing it.

This new whitepaper can help. Written by Zachary Tumin, special assistant to the faculty chair and director of Harvard Kennedy School’s Program in Science, Technology, and Public Policy, it contains:
- Nine short stories about the ways insight from big data is changing business, now and in the future
- Seven key strategies for success for managing big data and harnessing its power
- Six questions every leader must know the answer to

To find out what all of this means for business, the costs of ignoring data’s promise, and the advantages gained by companies that make it a priority, download this compelling paper today.


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