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VISION 2020: Welcome to the Future of Procurement



Imagine it's the year 2020. Procurement has evolved so much over the past decade, you barely recognize it. Its functions have been decentralized – or outsourced! – leaving leadership to focus on very different things. Job descriptions have changed dramatically. What's more, suppliers seem to have infiltrated the organization!

You look around, take it all in, and think, "I wish I'd been better prepared."

Well, here's your chance. Not only to prepare for the future, but also to influence it.

In this provocative new report, visionary procurement leaders predict the future of procurement. They also advise how to prepare for it.

They agree about many things, but does that make them right? As the future takes shape, we think your views should also play a part.

So, chapter-by-chapter, we're hosting online conversations and other activities to provide you with a chance to be heard.

Read the report, see what you think, and stay tuned. This is going to get interesting. This recovery isn't getting any easier, but this report can help. Download it now.

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