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VW OTLG: strategically important locations were improved with a unified and optimised material flow concept
NETWORKING DELIVERS HIGHEST SERVICE STANDARDSVolkswagen Original Teile Logistik GmbH & Co. KG (OTLG) delivers original spare parts and accessories to approx. 2800 Volkswagen and Audi service partners all over Germany. Around 3300 employees generated a total turnover of 1.9 billion Euros in 2007.Due to the considera  >>
COSMOPLAS: Chilean distributor Cosmoplas supports growth with Infor Supply Chain Execution
About the companyWith over 40 years in the distribution market, Cosmoplas serves major brands in markets that include agriculture, industrial, pools, sanitary equipment, and more. Cosmoplas is based in Chile. To learn more, visit www.cosmoplas.clChallenges / Business case- Support growth and meet an increase in demand   >>
VRT: Belgian Radio and Television (VRT) manages flexible staff and resource planning
The Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT) is a publicly-funded broadcaster of radio and television in Flanders.At the VRT, Quintiq's planning and optimization platform has been in use since 2004 in various departments. This includes the planning of staff and equipment in the newsroom, technical radio broadcasting res  >>
NTV NUOVO TRASPORTO VIAGGIATORI: Comprehensive, accurate and flexible passenger rail planning
NTV – (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori S.p.A.) is the first private operator on the Italian high speed rail network. The service started in December 2011. The Quintiq system enables NTV to optimize all the operational resources, taking into account efficiency, security, operational robustness and labor rules. &n  >>
MUSIC STORE: Music Store in tune with logistics with TGW
As one of Europe’s largest music retailers, Cologne Music Store GmbH has established a reputation among professional and hobby musicians during the last few years, and beyond Germany’s borders, especially in online-retail. A huge range of items and premium shipping service caused the company over proportion  >>
Company Intertape Polymer Group “keeps it together” with its line of tapes, shrink wrap, and related packaging products. Problem Intertape Polymer Group needed to increase visibility into customer demand, rationalize a large product portfolio due to rapid growth, and improve internal collaborati  >>
Company Lance is a leading producer and distributor of snack foods. The company’s products are distributed through a direct-store-delivery system of approximately 1,400 sales routes, a network of independent distributors and direct shipments to retail customer locations. Problem Lance needed to increa  >>
MARQUIS: How Marquis managed explosive growth with logistics planning
Marquis Inc. operates a rail-to-barge transfer system transporting crude oil from its origins in the United States to multiple destinations along the Mississippi River System.The company has a fleet of rail cars and barges with 550,000 barrel storage capacity and a 24-hour unit train transfer system. The challenge of b  >>
LENZE: Becoming Europe's Logistics Hub With TGW
Becoming the logistics hub for Middle and Southeastern Europe - that was the goal Lenze was pursuing. Therefore, Lenze invested in a new ultra-modern storage and order picking system for state-of-the-art material handling to guarantee perfect customer supplies. Based on a long-lasting partnership, TGW implemented the c  >>
KLM CATERING SERVICES SCHIPHOL (KSC): Quintiq helps KLM Catering Services serve up meals faster and more efficiently
KLM Catering Services Schiphol (KCS) prepares and delivers 45,000 meals a day to 12 airlines, 350 flights and 50 different types of aircraft. The 1,300-person company is a subsidiary of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, catering for KLM, KLM Cityhopper, and KLM UK as well as Northwest Airlines, Japan Airlines, Iberia, Royal Jo  >>

1 - 10 of 362
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