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DIPLOM - IS: Optimising production in a seasonal business environment




Sector:  Food industry
Tag:  Finite Capacity
 Planning Cycle

Diplom-Is is the leading Norwegian ice-cream and frozen desserts producer, with a turnover around 100 Million Euros and production facility located in Gjelleråsan, nearby Oslo. Its staff of 430 people is increased by further 250 employees during peak season. Owned by TINE, the main Norwegian dairy products cooperative, the current Diplom-Is is the result of the merging process of several local ice-cream producers, founded in the region since 1920s.

Diplom-Is requirements
Due to the remarkable seasonality of its business, with 75% of yearly sales concentrated in 4 months, Diplom-Is was facing considerable challanges in the planning & scheduling process, as Kay Simonsen, the company Supply Chain and Planning Manager, points out.


“Production planning was still completely manual, therefore imprecise and above all time consuming. The planning process used to get particularly burdensome when approaching peak season, because then we would need to be very accurate in planning production staff. The common usage of spreadsheet made the planning process chaotic, fragmented and above all time consuming. Moreover, it was impossible to simulate alternative scenarios. Therefore we decided to contact Optilon and to implement COMPASS10.”


The main benefits expected from COMPASS10 implementation can be summarised as follows:

  • enhance efficiency and flexibility in stock and production planning;
  • syunchronise Supply Chain flows and improve customer service level;
  • significantly reduce the amount of time dedicated to planning activities;
  • increase the frequency of the planning cycle;
  • simulate and assess alternative scenarios of production capacity.





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